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Terms and Conditions Last Update: 3 January 2016

TouchMyCoin is an auction site and does not guarantee anyone winning a bid.

Each user is responsible for their own bidding, fees for bidding will not be refunded. Do not share account information with others.

While we strive for the best quality of service we offer no guarantees on server uptime. Any auction or coin losses due to server downtime will not be refunded.

You agree that it is legal for you to use bitcoin and other crypto currencies to use this service. While we know of no rules banning cryptocoins and penny auctions we can not know about your individual case.

You agree that you do not live, nor are you using the service from, an embargoed nation or New York state, USA.

Emails will be limited to check valid registration, critical system messages and optional email notifications.

Questions or concerns may be emailed to

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