TOUCH pricing on here will always be 10% higher than the latest exchange rates, in order to ensure our community comes first.

To have a fair launch, TOUCH coins are currently being sold through the Discord channel. Only buy coins from the Devs or mods!

This also allows us to answer any questions people may have.

You may buy TOUCH with any coin supported by TouchMyCoin using deposited funds. To move coins to TouchMyCoin follow these steps :
  1. Register on the site
  2. Login
  3. On the right hand side under the Accounts box, select the Deposit Tab
  4. For the coin you want to use, select Get Address and a deposit address will display
  5. Send funds to that address
  6. Click the "Buy Touch" Tab on the menu Bar
  7. Select the coin you wish to use, enter the number of Touch you wish to buy, and a total price will display.
  8. If you have the required number of coins in your Account, click 'Buy Touch'
  9. Your account will now have the Touch you purchased. You may use the Touch on the website, or withdraw from the site.
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Please report if you encounter any bugs.

Contact with any support issues or our Discord.