Top Two Auctions


Why is the site not actively open?

We are in an extended Demo mode to demonstrate our system and showcase some coins. We are more interested in being a solutions provider.

How do I transfer my balance out of the system?

The Demo mode balances are strictly a demo and you can neither send nor receive coins to or from the system at this time.

How do you determine exchange rates?

We poll the exchanges of Bittrex and others for their current rates.

How do I contact support?

Please use our support email at

Is this Gambling?

No. Something is considered gambling based on Chance, Consideration and the Prize. The final outcome of TouchmyCoin auctions are driven by other users. Like other penny auction services there is no chance involved.

Why do you limit your Top Two Auction's profit to 10%?

We are proud of our entertaining auction process. By limiting the cost to the losing bidder we allow our users to bid more often. This also gives our users the ability to learn the best auction process to win the most bids.

What are open bids?

If you are the first or second place winner of an open auction then you will have an open bid. When the auction closes the open bids will become closed and the winner receives their coins. If you are outbid the open bids return to your coin amount.

Why are some bid percents displayed as less than whole numbers?

Bid percents are determined in real time based on the exchange value of each coin. As the values may change the percent may fluctuate. This percentage is also rounded to 2 decimals which may alter the number.

Why are some of my withdraw amounts different than the current balance in that coin?

TouchMyCoin gives every user 4 BUMBA and 5 XGOX when those deposit addresses are created. However those free coins are only for bidding and can not be withdrawn. This is to stop people from creating numerous accounts and simply withdrawing coins.

I am having problems with a deposit or withdraw.

While in Demo no deposits or withdraws may happen. However this information would show in Account History with a transaction ID and date and time of your transaction, along with the type of crypto coin used.


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