Top Two Auctions

Daily Bidding Bonus

If you bid on an auction at least once a day you will receive some free coins. The longer the streak, the more coins you will earn.

Every user who creates a local CUBE deposit address will receive a small bit of DigiCube. When you login look to the right side under accounts. Select Deposit and click "Get CUBE address". Enjoy!

The Cryptopia Exchange is now being used for BUMBA pricing. If you need some BUMBA, Cryptopia is the place to go.

Every new user receives a bit of Bumbacoin when they register and create a local Bumbacoin address. When you login look to the right side under accounts. Then select Deposit and click 'Get BUMBA address'. This will create a local deposit address and also give you some Free Bumba.

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Find fellow BUMBA people on Discord The Bumba Slack has a #touchmycoin channel
Give this spam free faucet for multiple coins a try.